Admissions Policy
The International School Almere…

…provides a quality international middle years and secondary education in an English speaking environment. The school welcomes applications from students regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

 is open to students who can profit from a challenging, international, university preparatory education offered in the English language. The International School Almere aims to guide its students towards the IB Diploma. Therefore, the academic programme is demanding, with a strong languages component. Most of the students enter colleges, universities or other educational training programs after graduation. The middle year grades are structured, however, to accommodate a somewhat wider range of academic abilities. 

Students applying for the Diploma Programme courses will have to indicate through   previous achievement their ability to cope with rigorous academic work and that their level of English is satisfactory to access the programme.

Exceptions to the age guidelines are made infrequently and only upon careful evaluation of the applicant by the programme coordinator.  The school will always aim to act in the best interest of the student in these matters.

In keeping with the philosophy of international education
, the International School Almere does offer places to students who do not yet have fluency in English, but who can demonstrate a need for international education. This may be the case when for example parents come to The Netherlands to work and the student has little or no alternative because of the language barrier or their personal situation. To be allowed to complete the programme, the student in this case must acquire sufficient language skills within a reasonable period of time and demonstrate academic ability.​

Who attends the IS Almere?
  1. Students with a foreign passport who are moving to the Netherlands (International Stream).
  2. Expat students with Dutch passports who have attended international education (International Stream).
  3. Students with Dutch passport whose parents are planning on moving abroad. These students typically attend the ISAlmere in order to prepare for the move with their parents (International Stream). 
  4. Students of Dutch nationality and parents who can demonstrate a particular need for an international education (Bilingual Stream). Applicants must have a HAVO / VWO advice from their primary school. We are phasing out the billingual stream from 2016-2017 onwards. This means for the school year 2016-2017 the school will offer this stream from MYP3b onwards.

Enrolment is possible at any time during the school year providing space is available. In cases where it is not possible to determine the student’s academic ability from the documentation and references provided, the student may be expected to complete an entrance test.  The entrance test will consist of an English and Mathematics component.​